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  Visa Notes & Fees - Arab Republic of Egypt

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Note: 09th November, 2009: As per the visa officer it is recommended that the visa is obtained here in India as there has been a case where visa has been refused on arrival.

Note: 26th June, 2006: Please note the following information is given by the Embassy; there is no written confirmation to this effect. Effective immediately the visa can be obtained on arrival for tourism & business. The Applicant should have a valid passport with minimum six months validity, one photograph, visa form to be completed on arrival, hotel confirmation, proof of funds and return air ticket. The visa is issued for 15 days stay maximum. For business travel the Applicant should also have an invitation from Egypt . A copy of which must be faxed to the Embassy as well.


•  The Applicant should have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended stay in Egypt (please enclose photocopy of identification pages of the passport);

•  One visa form (photocopy allowed);

•  Two passport size camera clicked recent color photographs with white back ground (taken within 3 months);

•  Confirmed onward/ return air ticket;

•  A covering letter from the Applicant;

•  Onward visa and proof of funds. Foreign exchange endorsements or copy of international credit card;

•  Passport first, second and last page and air tickets photocopy must be enclosed;

•  Hotel confirmation;

•  Original latest bank statement for the last six months with a banks seal and if applicant is holding passbook then it should be in original;

•  Income Tax returns for the last three years.

•  Visa is valid for 30 days and it is issued for a stay of 30 days, which further can be extended in Cairo .

•  Processing time is 48 hours.
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