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  Visa Notes & Fees - Canada
  Visa Notes & Fees - Canada  

" Applicant must have a passport with at least 6 months validity. Temporary Resident Visa Application form completed and signed by Applicant. Personal Information Form and Consent Form (photocopy allowed). A separate form is required for accompanying family members over 18 years of age, except for spouses. Confirmed return/onward air ticket (if available). A covering letter from the Applicant. A letter of Invitation and/or statutory Declaration (affidavit) of Support from relatives/ friends in Canada. Proof of Immigration Status of host (if host is a private individual). This may include a photocopy of a Canadian Permanent Resident Card, passport, or Citizenship Card. Financial documentation of host, like Notice of Assessment (Income tax document - T4), proof of employment, or bank statements is also required. Proof of employment (salary statements, provident fund statements, employment contacts, and pay-slips), business ownership, partnership, business registration for Applicant and/or spouse is required. Letter from employer /school indicating that the Applicant has been granted leave. Proof of personal funds like bank statements/ bank books, Income tax Returns for the last two years is required. A medical examination is required for visits exceeding 6 months. A multiple entry visa allows any number of entries in Canada from any Country, as long as the visa is valid. A single entry visa allows only a single entry to Canada from other Countries, and multiple entries from the USA, as long as the Canadian Visa is valid. Failure to provide sufficient documentation may result in refusal or delays in processing. Applicants should not assume that paying for a multiple entry visa will guarantee issuance of a long term visa. The Canadian High Commission can choose to issue limited validity short term multiple entry visa, depending on the case. The Canadian High Commission will not issue a visitor visa valid for longer than the validity of an Applicant's passport. Processing time is 4 to 7 working days. An Authorization Letter (addressed to VFS Application Centre) is required from the Applicant, authorizing the Agency and the name of the staff. He/she must carry a Photo-Identity proof to deposit and collect documents on the Applicant's beha-lf. Processing Fees are subject to change.

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